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Our Mission

To connect the world through a decentralized network where information can be transferred securely on the blockchain peer to peer, bypassing the need for big business or government acting as a clearing house

Our Story

Founded in 2018, Big Star Mining had a vision to create a data center to enable the blockchain where people and mining servers could coexist in the same work environment.  We searched the globe to find a solution that would enable our vision.  After considerable effort the dream is now a reality.  We started with a plot of raw land and built the first Big Star pilot facility in North Texas from the ground up. 

With every new project comes an opportunity to learn, grown, and refine our processes so every step taken adds additional knowledge that can be applied to the next project.

We are a small but diverse team of professionals from a wide variety of industries.  Our team has decades of experience in Finance, Project Management, Construction Management, Engineering, Management Consulting, Marketing, and IT.

The end result is a team of highly dedicated members that have a singular focus on getting a project completed in an efficient and effective manner with the goal of making the project an overwhelming success.

Experienced Leadership



240 Centre Dr.

Burleson, TX 76028

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