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BiXBiT Mining Container

The Mining Container represents BiXBiT's latest technological achievement in immersion mining and can be deployed anywhere in the world

Take a Look Inside

Mining Container 3-D Tour

The BiXBiT mining container is the most advanced self contained mining solution in the world

It comes in 20 ft and 40 ft sizes

The 20 ft container can house up to 5 mining racks- 120 units

The 40 ft container can house up to 10 mining racks 240 S19 or 288 M30S+

The internal architecture will allow the mining units to be run up to 5000 watts

Big Things come in small packages- Whats included?

  • The BiXBiT immersion cooled mining racks

    • heat exchangers

    • pumps

    • installed power cables for the mining server- no need for PDU's

    • installed networking cables and switches for the mining servers

    • mining server breakers, pump breakers, network breakers

    • temperature cutoff sensor for miner protection

  • all internal switch gear and breakers to run the racks, servers, pod, automation equipment, pumps, water treatment, air conditioning, lighting, networking

  • all mechanical connections to the BiXBiT racks

  • all electric connections from switch gear to the BiXBiT racks

  • two pump for the mechanical infrastructure including 1 as a backup

  • all automation equipment for all the mechanical systems

  • all control panels to control the pumps, cooling source, automation equipment

  • all mechanical sensors including temperature and pressure

  • water treatment equipment and chemical pails for the cooling source- if needed

  • touch screen interface

  • air Conditioning


When the container arrives on site you only need to connect it to the cooling source, the power source, and the internet

We are the United States Distributor for BiXBiT Self Contained Mining Container.   Please Contact a Big Star Representative for Current Pricing, Build Options, and Lead Times



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